Shepherd city council meets

Shepherd - The city council meeting for Shepherd was under the direction of Mayor Pro-Tem Sherry Roberts.
One of the top items on the agenda was a rate increase request from Entergy. Taking the recommendation of City Attorney Larry Foerster, the request was denied by the council. Later in the week Entergy withdrew their request.

The city received an invoice from TX.DOT in the amount of $770,000 for the work done moving utilities while constructing the overpass and highway on 59. The city attorney is negotiating a payment plan with them and a discussion regarding the agreement years back, that the state would be paying for this type of charge if this section became an interstate.
At present it is said that this is not going to be a part of US 69 although further south some parts are designated to be Corridor 69. “This seems to be the beginning of this story”, said Councilman Yvonne Ryba.

The city election plans for November 3 were set into place in accordance with standard guidelines.

Council Position terms that are ending include the current seats held by Michelle Minton, Kyle Somers, and Yvonne Ryba. Applications for placement on the ballot are being taken from July 25 through August 24 at Shepherd City Hall. Deadline to register is October 5 with the election scheduled for November 3.

Other business included normal operational approval for the city.