End of the county trail for Trails End residents

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By Gayle Erwin
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The Trails End tax payers were in Commissioners Court once again on Tuesday, March 8. The agenda item in Old Business entered as consideration, discussion and possible vote to approve the repair of Trails End Drive which is not a county road, under the name of Commissioner Thomas Bonds was placed on the agenda as Old Business by County Judge John Lovett. Bonds questioned why the item was on the agenda? The County Judge reported that he placed it on the agenda. During the Public Comment session at the opening of Commissioners Court, Joann Siebert was on hand to express once again the deplorable condition of the roads that are getting worst each and every day. The Cornelius Family was in Commissioners Court asking advise on just how do the residents need to go about getting the road fixed. Commissioner Bonds reconfirmed that based on the advisement from the Attorney General and County Attorney Robert Trapp, that the road is a privately owned road. The developers 5G, is the owner of the road and the responsible party. The roads in Trails End were never brought up to county specifications and adopted by the county. Therefore tax payer dollars can not be spent to fix the roads in the privately owned development. The residence were advised that they need to talk to 5G for the repairs in Trails End. Bonds expressed that he “would love to be able to help and fix the roads, but the law does not allow it”.

Commissioners Court addressed the possible vote to approve a bid presented to the county for possible purchase of a tax property that the county presently holds. The court voted that the property should be sold at the next official tax sale in April. Due to the devaluation of the property since the county obtained it. The public has not been aware of the devaluation and the posting of the property in the tax sale will do just that. The bidder, Douglas Milford understood the courts decision.
Precinct One Commissioner Ray McCoppin was seeking clarification status of several roads in Precinct One. Through his search of records and actions of past officials the records are unclear as to when the roads were or were not on the county road list. Research will continue and the roads will be placed on an upcoming agenda. Road in question for clarification are Vida Lane, Sand Street, River Terrace Drive, Penny Lane, West Glenn Dr., East Glenn Dr., Dogwood Path, East Caldwell Loop, Woodhaven Trail and Reese Lane.

The Commissioners Court had an Executive Session scheduled for 1:00 the same day. Purpose was to meet with attorney's regarding the Community Shelter status with the previous contractors bonding company. The public is anxiously awaiting to see how long it is going to take and what direction is advised on the completion of the grant funded Community Shelter that is “just sitting”.