School closings, road updates as Hurricane Harvey makes splash in San Jacinto County

By Megan Whitworth

San Jacinto County schools announced Monday closings as areas in the county saw increased flooding from rains that were brought in from Hurricane Harvey that made impact this weekend.

“Due to the continued risk of inclement weather and flooding concerns associated with it, all, Shepherd ISD schools and offices will be closed Monday, Aug. 28, 2017,” SISD officials announced on Facebook this afternoon.

Coldspring-Oakhurst Consolidated ISD officials also announced schools will be closed tomorrow.

“Conditions will be evaluated on a day-by-day basis and info on closures will be posted each day at 1 p.m.,” an update on the district’s Facebook stated.

The COCISD Board of Trustees also opened the Jones Education Complex for anyone who needs to evacuate at noon today. This is not an American Red Cross shelter. Citizens are asked to bring their own bedding; food will be provided.

“If anyone needs to be evacuated they should contact emergency services. After they have been taken to a safe location, COCISD will arrange transportation to the Jones campus for shelter. Jones is not a designated Red Cross shelter, but will be available for community members who need a place to stay,” the update read.

The Red Cross did set up shelter at the Shepherd Community Center, 10251 TX 150 in Shepherd.

The San Jacinto County Office of Emergency Management reported that the Point Blank Fire Department reported that in a 15-hour period ending at 2 p.m. this afternoon they had 11.23 inches of rain, with more rain coming down.

Here is a road update in San Jacinto County from the Emergency Management team:

PCT. 1
FM 3128 (Not passable)
FM 1514 by Jones Rd. – Water over the road (Passable)
HWY 150 W infront of Midway gas station –- Water over the road (Passable)
FM 222 at Harrison Lane (Passable)
Faulkner Ave. - Water over the road (Passable)
222 @ Bradley Road (Not Passable)
Smith Street – Water over the road way (Passable)
Lake Rd (Not passable)
2025 @ 945 (Not Passable)

Water over several areas of Dogwood but still passable.
Water over Oakforest off of Red Rd. but still passable.
Water over Post Oak but still passable.
HWY 59 at Red Rd. (Not Passable)
Red Rd. from Paulas Place to Oak Forest, at least (Not Passable)
HWY 59 Boat Ramp (Not Passable)
Holly Dr. (Not Passable)
Wonderland Dr. (Not Passable)
Willow Dr. (Not Passable)
Wright Blvd. Nancy’s Big Drink, River Jordan, Helenin Lake Runamuck (Not Passable)
Regency Dr. - Water over the road (Passable)
Stag Lane off Sherwood Dr. (Not Passable)
223 @ Coley Creek ( Not Passable) (6 – 7 FEET OF WATER)
Big Creek North lanes (Not Passable)
2666 @ 150 (Not Passable)
Hwy 59 North and South Lanes shut down from Liberty County line to Polk County Line.
150 @ big Creek – Water over the road way (Passable)
FM. 2666 2 miles down from 2025 – Water over the road way and tree down (Not Passable)

Pct. 3
Water over Road at Trials End Dr. from Hicks West Look to Fostoria Tram Rd. (Not Passable)
Water over road on Adrian Rd. (Not Passable)
Water over road on Devin Rd. (Not Passable)
FM 1725 N. of McGuiness Rd. Water over the road (PASSIBLE)
Shell Oil Rd. (Not Passable)
FM 945 @ Sand Creek (Not Passable)
150 West @ San Jacinto Bridge (Not Passable)
150 West @ Robin Creek (Not Passable)
FM 945 @ Miller Creek (Not Passable)
FM 3081 @ 1725 water over the road way (Passable)
2693 half mile down (Not passable)
150 West @ fire department (PEVFD) (Not Passable)
Dabney Bottom Road (Not Passable)
Tony Tap Road (Not Passable)
3081 boggie creek (not passable)
Mill Creek @ 1725 (Not passable)

Hwy 190 @ Hidden Cove Road (Passable)
Water Wood @ Hwy 190- Water over the road ( Passable)
946 @ Jenkins Road – Water over the roadway (Passable)
Old dodge Rd. @ Loan Oak – water over the road way (Passable)

TxDOT officials reported that US 59 at FM 1988 overpass in Polk County is closed. High water was reported in NB lanes of US 59 in San Jacinto.

To keep up with road updates, visit or call 800-452-9292.