Reader says there are a few things learned from watching politics here


As this political season bears down on our community, it is easy to see that the makings for a couple of new disasters are looming large. There are a few things that I have learned in watching politics here;
1) An official who will file false criminal charges for political purpose is corrupt.
2) An official who will NOT file legitimate criminal charges for political purpose is corrupt.
3) They will both lie to you and steal from you.
X = Liars are corrupt.
I am not interested in your party affiliation. I don't care what church you go to. Your ethnic origins aren't important to me. It doesn't matter what eternal fraternal order you belong to. If you are a liar, you are a thief. We don't need you in office here representing our interests. It seems we have had a batch of 'Pelosisms' here of late, ie: elect them first and then find out who they are, what's 'in 'em' if you will. Why? The information is out there if you are just willing to look. When someone supports a candidate who has been proven a liar and a criminal by public records, and the voter is aware of that proof, that voter takes on the candidate's corruption when they vote for or endorse the candidate. It seems we've lost our love of the truth, not just in Washington DC, but here in San Jacinto County. It seems that years of faithful service with no scandal or corruption in office doesn't sway the voters like a juicy and salacious lie will. Why? Could it be that those who thirst for political power for personal gain can't run on the truth? Lord knows, I have put the squeeze on a few corrupt cops and elected officials in my day and they all hate me and say so openly. You can spot the corrupt ones because they never pass an opportunity to malign my character and integrity. As we step forth into this new political season, be assured that I will continue to fact check and present irrefutable evidence of any claim I make. You corrupt ones better get a head start spreading your lies and attempting to defile my credibility. You are in my sights.

Stephen C. Watson