Read responds to Kevin Brady article

This is a counter point to Kevin Brady's article in the Aug. 14 issue in the San Jacinto News-Times. His opening commentary on the senate abandoning the ship while the Republican house worked. The only problem is the house worked on a bill that they knew the senate and president would never support. That is one of many bills the house has crafted over the session that they knew would not pass muster in the senate or the oval office.

This border crisis was created by a Republican congress and a Republican president in 2008. Since Obama did not take office until Jan. 2009, he could not have had a hand in this problem. So, when Kevin Brady needs to look for someone to put blame on for the problems of todayl, he only needs to point the finger at himself.

Our Texas governor has put the Texas National Guard on the border and for what reason I still have not figured out. All they can do down there is pick their nose. They have no power. They have weapons but they cannot use them. Now Kevin Brady and our governor and the house of representatives want the federal government to pay for these troops to be on the border and I ask, WHY? These troops were not called up by the federal government, so they should be paid for by the State of Texas.

Under the current law passed by Kevin Brady, illegal children are processed and let go into the country with a promise they will go to a judge when called to see if they can stay. Problem is, most do not report to the court and just stay in our fair country, thanks to Kevin Brady. What we need is more money to hire more judges and we need to be able to hold these children along the border and deport them to Mexico, since that is where they came form. We are not responsible for sending them to their country of origin.

Bill Clinton worked with Republicans and Ronald Reagan worked with Democrats but this Republican house refuses to work with this Democrat president. From day one the house leaders said they wanted Obama out of office and the house has worked to do that ever since. They won't give an inch but they will take a foot.

Oakhurst, Texas